the armor of reanimation

Traveling to the Swamp

At this point the party consists of:
and Content Not Found: zane.

The night before, the four characters were attacked by the evil ghost of Gi’cht. After defeating the still weak ghost form of Gi’cht (to a point at least,) they decided it was time to take a day off. After some discussion, they decided to go on a hike near the Greenmire Swamp. The group then hitched a ride on a merchant wagon that was going in that general direction. Upon arrival, Ghen and the wagon-driver got into a huge argument for no good reason. This argument led to the denial of taking the group back to town at the end of the day.

Story so far...

To make a long story short…

The main characters went around the countryside doing odd-jobs for various people. This log starts at level 5.


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